The main feature is the exchange between people It is the transposition on the web of people gathered in a single space where to share ideas and processes. Virtual space allows you to behave like in a real room. This allows you to symmetrically share conversation, alternatives and solutions even if participants are physically distant. It can be compared to a real online meeting. Strengths:

  • Collaboration
  • Promotes the birth of new ideas
  • Symmetrical sharing of session development


The content is the focus of the audience thanks to the exposure of one or more speakers. It’s the web-based transposition of the conference or frontal lecture where a speaker exposes the content and then answers the questions. Strengths of the company:

  • Description of a situation
  • Presentation results
  • One-way communication with a certain limit to interactions

In conclusion

Both types have in common:

  • Distribution platform on the web
  • Video streaming
  • Tools for communication and interaction