According to the communicative needs and the formative intentions, it is possible to choose the best solution according to the typical fruition modalities of the audience.


Basically it is live and uses one or more speakers who explain and has in the immediate interactivity the ability to fully simulate the “presence in the classroom”.


Characterized by the recording, It may have the apparent form of interactivity but it is comments and exchanges of interactions of speakers who dialogue with each other. Everything is delivered at certain times or uploaded to a web server and distributed with free or confidential access. This process can allow video editing and audio improvement that make it convenient to use. Ideal for the distribution of content that must remain available and usable at any time. They can also be planned in advance following promotional messaging and email marketing campaigns. The possibility to distribute the streaming in deferred mode also allows the realization of complex multicamera regias, acronyms, special effects and 3D shooting in order to enrich the emotional impact and maintain high the threshold of attention of the user. Interviews carried out anywhere in the world in support of the arguments and animations can lead to the levels of the world broadcast reference. It can be displayed several times if necessary with specific policy assignment for user groups.